Fibromyalgia Articles

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Foods That Chronic Pain Sufferers Need to Avoid

19 Jan 2010 | 491,440 Views

Sorting out conflicting dietary advice is a monumental task for pain sufferers—help is here at last.

Could Your Muscle Pain Really be Fibromyalgia? What You Should Know...

07 Mar 2009 | 175,099 Views

My video highlights a number of drug-free alternatives that can treat the underlying condition and provide effective relief.

How to Avoid Being Fooled at the Supermarket

25 Dec 2008 | 75,375 Views

Frightening business practices of the large superstores; this video should be mandatory viewing before your next grocery run.

Proof That Fibromyalgia is Real

22 Nov 2008 | 147,071 Views

What did researchers find that finally proves that fibromyalgia is not "all in your head"?

Are You Allergic to Wireless Internet?

21 Jun 2008 | 280,954 Views

Could these common health problems be symptoms of a much larger health epidemic?

Fibromyalgia, Lyrica, and the New York Times

02 Feb 2008 | 1,185,487 Views

Drugs are not the solution for fibromyalgia but these options can truly make a difference.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Now Linked to a Common Stomach Virus?

02 Oct 2007 | 90,015 Views

Researchers are now looking at the connection between stomach viruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But is it the real cause of this debilitating disease?